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    I just purchased my 1929 DC Phaeton. It came with a bucke of parts. There were two luggage gates. Does anyone know if the gates were an option for the 29 DC. Or is is one of those option you just buy and put on any 1900’s cars?? On that note, how about the running board box?

    thnaks Rick


    Running board box an add on, not from the factory. I’m not sure what you mean by luggage gates. If you’re talking about a luggage rack, that came from the factory and the customer would add a trunk. If you’re talking about the accordion style “gate” that clamps to a running board, that was a common accessory sold after-market, not a factory option. It’s not usually seen on a Classic car such as the Pierce.



    In the load of parts I recieved with the car their are two accordion sthyle luggage gates. they have the exact paint that is on the fenders. However, that color is black. Im sure that was a very common color of accesiors to match most. I have not seen the accordion gate on any Pirece.

    thank you for the input.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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