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    ok so i got my 29 running but have no spark to cylinders 3 5 7. it has new points and plugs and wires. it has some play in the shaft of the distributor but i would think that would be more random


    Those are all fed by the same coil, no?

    have you swapped the coils to see if the miss follows the coils?

    That is provided your points swap was successful.

    And the plug wires can be fussy about contact under the distributor cap cover, especially with non copper conductor wire.

    Have you verified that your points are opening correctly by slowly turning the motor and watching the points open and close?

    New condenser on that set of points that isn’t firing?


    There is something odd. If it was a coil or condenser than there would be another dead cylinder.

    It would seem to me if the firing order is 1-6-2-5-8-3-7-4? then 6-5-3-4 would be off one set of points and 6 and 4 should be dead too or if off the other than 1-2-8-7 would be dead.

    I would lean towards the cap or wires. Do you have any plug wires out of sequence?


    I would be sure that there is not a crack in the cap.

    So sequentially the rotor would go 5(dead) 8(alive??) 3(dead) 7(dead)

    The 8 alive is the puzzler


    Ok so i am a auto tech for a living so i THINK firing order is right. There is only one set of points in dist. cap rotor points wires and plugs

    Call me a “turncoat”” but i have a pertronix unit on the way


    If you have the proper distributor there would be 2 sets of points under the cap.

    One set of points for each coil.




    There is currently a Delco 668E distributor for sale on eBay and it has a descent picture of the 2x points and condensor set up for your 29. May help to compare what you have.


    That looks like it has 4 lobes on the rub block like it is for a 4 cylinder


    Craig i have one coil


    Did this work?


    If you were posting a picture, it did not work.

    Sounds like Craig has run through the diagnostic sequence pretty well, but if you have a 668E and only one coil, and one set of points, you have a very large 4 cylinder engine and four single cylinder air compressors.



    If you are trying to upload a picture, it must be below a certain size or the server times out. I upload mine at 1200 pixels on the long side and it works fine and the picture is large enough that there is plenty of detail. There have been a number of ways discussed here on how to resize. A photo program, Powerpoint, or a phone app specifically for photo resizing. Another option is an online resize program. https://resizeimage.net/

    See below.

    I hope this helps.




    We really need a picture of what your current distributor looks like.

    The stock distributor was a dual point, dual coil unit with each coil feeding 4 cylinders.

    Each coil had a separate lead going into the cap so the stock cap would only fire 4 cylinders at a time off each coil.

    Also, the original cap is a two piece unit that has the main cap piece and a cover piece on top of that.

    The top piece secures the plug and coil wires using a thumb nut in the center.

    If I get the chance I will run out to the garage and snap some shots of my distributor and coil setup.




    I’m quite sure the 29 distributor was changed out due to the difficulty and expense of getting a correct cap. Put the car back stock, you can get a distributor for very reasonable cost…….I’m sure Cislak has one, and then you can run a study cap instead of the Pierce cap if you want to save some money. At least then the car will be correct, reliable, and whole again.


    Steel check bit me….Stude cap.


    Here is the insides of my ’33, which should be very similar.

    You don’t appear to have the correct one


    Here is the 668 off ebay. On yours it doesn’t look like there is any way to fire the second set of points


    It looks like you have a Dist. that was on the 1930 Model C with only one coil.

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