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    You must be kidding. If you don’t like it as it is, sell it!


    The answer is, sure it’ll work. Then what you’ll have is a cobbled up semi-hot rod that won’t be welcome at antique car events, and the hot rodders won’t like either. It shouldn’t cost that much to do an eight engine, unless it has something major broken in it. Talk to people in the hobby and find out who does what work at reasonable rates, and keep the car original if you can. Good luck. David Coco – Winchester Va.



    If you are willing to transport the car to the Chicago area I suggest that you call Scott Stastny for a quote. He has a restoration shop and a ’33 Pierce 836. 630-293-7750



    I am probbably the most anti-rod person you could meet. I have heard all the arguments…”Well, we drive our cars…” “we want a safe car for our families to ride in ” We could’nt wear this ridiculously loud t-shirt with hot rod logos on it if our car was stock..”

    We drive our cars too. My 1931 Pierce won a CCCA Premier award the summer following the winter I toured almost 2000 miles in Florida.

    The people in this club will help you find someone to work on your car that can get the job done for a reasonable amount. Realize the joy of driving an old car that is comfortable, reliable, and pretty much the same as the day it came out of the factory.


    Tony, your last paragraph is well said and I agree totally.

    I don’t have anything against hot rods, except when it involves a rare car, and any Pierce is rare when compared to a lot of makes of cars.

    My ’31 Pierce phaeton was driven over 50,000 miles, in the 60’s and 70’s, by the then-owner from New Orleans. He toured the South extensively. It was never on a trailer while he owned it. I’ve not driven it to that extent, but have taken it on many tours, it can be driven anywhere, and it’s very reliable.

    best- David Coco Winchester Va.


    Thanks for all of your comments. I have found a automotive machine shop in Oxford, miss.I have delivered the engine and he is going to go through check it out and repair it. I should have it back in about 60 days. thanks for helping me make up my mind. I am going to keep it original. carl



    If I may ask, about what is it going to run to have your engine redone? My ’33 needs new cam bearings and needs to have the crank and rods checked. Everything else seems to be o.k.

    Thanks, Art


    Hello Carl,


    You will be very happy with a real Pierce engine in your real Pierce!

    Best regards,

    Peter Williams


    Hi Carl,

    I understand the concern you have. I am presently going through this with my 36. I have the car for a year and the babbitts let go. I found a local guy who does prewar engines and he has the engine now. Everyone from the club has told me that once the motors are redone with modern bearings and so on they are reliable. I also rode in one that was redone and the car is incredible. My car is a driver and had no squeaks or rattles, she rode straight as an arrow(No pun intended). My feeling is that of everyone else in the club do not ruin your car by going with a modern drivetrain. These are very rare cars you can only increase the value by leaving it original.


    Roger Stahl

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