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    I am interested in obtaining all or any specifications and technical information available regarding all models and production years of the Pierce Motorcycles. Can anyone help?


    Hi Frank. Six or seven years ago, or so, there was a motorcycle show in Albany, NY. It was a show of only bikes built in NY. There was a book for sale at the show. It is titled "The Motorcycle Industry in New York State", by Geoffrey N. Stein. It has about 10 pages on the Pierce. Not alot of technical and specs. However, if you would like, I could copy those pages and mail them off to you. Dave


    Thank you Dave. I have a copy of that publication. I am looking for more technical details. Fabrication specs, shop manuals, the like. Frank


    Sorry to post here guys but hoping someone could offer some help in locating 1926 Indian motorcycle for which I have a title but no bike. I have tried posting on Indian forums with no response.



    Can we start by trying to figure the type. On the title is there a alpha- numeric sequence starting with A. Specifically

    AZxxxxxx= Chief

    ALxxxxxx= Prince

    AHxxxxxx= Big Chief

    AGxxxxxx= Scout

    Any thing like that?


    It’s a Scout


    I found

    AG 1258 and AG 8007.


    Frank, I believe the Pierce Motorcycles are just like their Automobiles: the engineering papers, drawings, sales records etc are all destroyed. There may be owner’s manuals around but they are very thin on anything technical. There were not shop manuals for the cars, I’ll assume the same for the motorcycles.

    There are a fair number of publications that have engine specs for the autos, but I do not know of any publication with even the borexstroke, RPM opperating range, rated horsepower or even tire size.

    I will suggest going through the roster, finding those people who have listed motorcycles in their Pierce Arrow possessions, and email, write them to see if they have any literature on their motorcycles.

    Best of luck with your search, if you would, if and when you find some information, please post it here in this message thread, so we all can share your new knowledge.

    Greg Long

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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