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    Last night Jane took me to see the new film release “Public Enemies” where Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger. Does anyone know the 32 Pierce that starred as Mervin Purvis’ car?

    Incidentally the movie was better than average. I leave the average movie wishing I had my $40 (cost of senior tickets, cokes and popcorn) back in my Pierce parts budget and the satisfaction of some small project accomplishment from an evening in the hobby shop!




    I haven’t seen the movie. Can you describe the ’32? What body style and color scheme? So much of the movie was shot around Chicago that there’s a good chance that it’s a local car.



    Merlin, that’s a funny testimony on new movies. Also, similar to Titantic, you knew the ending going in….

    Good to see you at the meet.


    Hi Bill; Hi John: Didn’t we all enjoy Temecula?! Heidi, Lennea, Kerstin and Committee really did a fine job. And what about that good food and entertainment at Ernie and Clara’s home!

    Bill, I know for sure that the car was a 32 but that’s all. The scene with it was at night. It gave a good view of the front and showed a view of the distinctive insturment cluster face plate. Also was a close up shot of the archer. I think the first scene with it gave a quick side view and it might have been a brougham body.

    I guess you will have to stand the cost of show tickets (in the name of research) and let your expert eye indentify this car for us….Merlin


    Susan and I feel Temecula was a fabulous meet. We offer a cyber “tip of the hat”” to all that organized it.-peace”


    Merlin & Bill,

    The car is a 1932, Club Sedan. A very dark color



    Thanks Bob; Since you know just about everything Pierce, I should have known that even a quick glimpse would register every detail to your qualified eye!


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