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    The new website has a neat feature for adding comments, history and pictures of your car. I filled in some bits on mine, which is not particularly noteworthy (no rich and famous owners), but started thinking about another ’35 845 Pierce Club sedan that was a movie star. It was owned by Tom Sparks, whom I understand had a business renting vintage cars to the movies. That ’35 Club was featured in “The Sting”, was clearly the star in an otherwise forgettable movie with George Burns and Brook Shields “Just You and Me Kid”, and appeared briefly at the end of “The Rocketeer”. I have actually used screen shots of this car to help with some details, like determining the interior corner light placement in a shot with Burl Ives peering through the window.

    A friend of mine recently bought a 25 Series 80 runabout, and I started wondering if the current owner and whereabouts of the series 80 runabout prominent  in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” is known. That theme always plays in my head when I see one.

    What other silver screen appearances does anyone recall for Pierces? Maybe we can start a list and include in their histories.

    I recall that there was a ’34 Pierce in “City Heat” and further back there was an older Pierce in the “Glenn Miller Story” (I think it was disparagingly referred to as a morticians car purchased cheap to haul the band instruments).

    Thoughts, contributions?



    Does anybody know where Tom Sparks 1935 845 Club Sedan mentioned above ended up?  He is deceased but the car is still listed in his record and I would like to correct it. Sorry to hijack your thread Jim.

    Thanks, Dave


    Love learning about Pierces in the movies.  The more information we have on our Pierces the better.    If you know info please share, it would be great to see how many we can come up with.




    You can start with this thread here….


    Thanks Curtiss!


    A huge sight, shows several more seventies and eighties movies the Tom Sparks 845 was in that I haven’t seen.



    Jim, I found these that look as if they could all be the same car from Tom Sparks:

    The Sting 1973

    The Phanton 1996

    Wonder Woman 1976-1979

    Rocketeer 1991

    Mommie Dearest 1981

    Emmanuelle IV 1984

    Annie 1999

    Uptown Saturday Night 1974


    My 1919 series 31 7 passenger touring car was featured in the 1950 film ¨Cheaper by the Dozen¨

    If anyone has any information about the history of the car and its owners it would be much appreciated.


    Fernando, owner history information has been e-mailed to you.  Sorry, no mention of movies.




    Here is a website that has a few photos from the movie as well as some other information.

    Additional info listing the car as the movie car;

    The car is identified on this site as a 1917 Model 66, which I believe is incorrect.


    A while back someone told me the “Sting” Pierce was in Europe or the UK.

    I think the Pierce in the movie “Lawless” is Marc Hamburger’s.


    Just picked up a DVD on eBay covering the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair.  It appears to be some home movies of someone on a vacation trip, but covers the fairground quite well.  There is about a 15 second clip of the Silver Arrow on display right on the lakefront.  Know the location well as I used to run right there for years back in the running days.  If anyone is interested its titled “1933 Chicago World Fair” from Classic Archives.


    My only claim to fame, is that I rode in Tyrone Power III’s teens Pierce-Arrow. It was owned at the time by Roland Zilmer, who sold me my first Pierce. Roland owned at least 5 Pierces. His oldest was a 1911 Model 36, purchased from Jordy Carlton who had 40 (?) cars. It was a basket case. Jordy took an unfortunate boat trip to Mexico. His boat was found floating and was burnt to the water-line without the three supposed to be in it, anywhere to be found. Roland showed the ’11 Pierce at Pebble Beach. Somebody failed to show, so at the last minute Roland was invited to fill in. Roland had been a collector since the ’50’s and had never owned a trailer. He drove the Pierce from Burlingame, Ca. to Pebble Beach and back (at least an hour and half  one way in a modern car, which are the speeds he drove it at).



    You have very many other CLAIMS to FAME…or were those to infamous?




    Thank you for the nice words or were they? I sure couldn’t fill your boots. You must have gone to juggling school to keep all your responsibilities in the air and still be able to smile. Your name will be spoken long after the rest of us have checked out.


    With much respect, Tony



    You will long be remembered fondly. I will be spoken about as a pain in the posterior because I don’t give up on my opinions or causes gracefully.

    To get back on subject, I had always thought that the Pierce that DeNiro was ejected from was a 1242. I’m glad that someone with better eyes than mine was able to correct me. If those grand homes along the water still exist I’d like to get a photo of our 1247 Limo there. Diana could pose as the damsel distressed and I could be the chauffeur, but who could we get to pose as DeNiro? You’ve got the character to pull it off well, but you’re just a bit to short…and too nice

    Have a Happy Healthy New Year!




    Your comments reminded me that when I was in high school, I knew Jordy Carlton – he and I lived in Piedmont, CA (he in a gorgeous tudor mansion).  I believe his favorite car was a Daniels, and I think he tried to talk me out of buying my ’22 Buick in favor of a more desirable car.

    Happy New Year (to All)


    PS: Which movie was deNiro & a Pierce in?





    Found my 31 Pierce in “Billy Bathgate”


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