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    Hi Guys,

    I like Ed’s idea to get us to post more photos…however I suggest that rather than making that one thread really long, slow to load, and difficult for new people to find photos they are interested in, that we start a new thread if we are going to post multiple photos of the same car. If it is your car, tell us something about it…how you got it, what you know of its history, etc.

    I’ll start with some photos of my 1926 Series 33. Many of you know my car…and the photos of it are pretty boring as the car never changes. It still has the factory paint and upholstery, so even though I have 60 year old photos, it still looks the same.

    This 1st photo shows the car when it was purchased by the smiling third owner in 1951. Clifford Hunt and Paul Whipple of Lexington, Mass. owned the car from 1951 to 1989 and were wise enough not to “restore” a great, original car.


    The car was originally sold to A.W. Erickson of Swampscott, Mass. His monogram is still on the rear doors. In 1936, Mr. Erickson and his brother moved to the Caribbean to run a salt-extracting business. The car was sold to Mary Lyons. Mr. Hunt & Mr. Whipple purchased the car from the Mary Lyons estate in 1951. This picture is of the Erickson house in Swampscott.


    This shows the car at the 1962 PAS meet in North Conway, NH.


    In 1989, Mr. Whipple & Mr. Hunt sold the car to Marc Ralston. Marc was a past-president of the PAS and author of two books on Pierce-Arrow. Notice in this picture, Marc is smiling as he buys the car….Mr. Whipple is not as he sells it.

    Marc told me that Mr. Whipple told him he was no longer able to drive the car…given his size, I don’t know how he ever did!


    In 2001, I took the car back to the factory for the 100th Anniversary Meet. That is Charlie Gills’ 1932 in the picture too..


    One more from the 2001 Meet….taken on one of the tours….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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