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    Hi Everyone… A few people have asked that I share some pictures and info on the 1916 Pierce Arrow I was able to acquire in August of this year. The car is a 1916 Pierce Arrow Model 38 Four-Passenger Touring Car. The Car is nearly all original. The Top is not original, and the backseat leather is not… But the rest of it is to include the paint. It even has the original keys!I love it! The car runs fabulously! I bought the car from Gordon Apker. The car has a pretty good resume of tours it has completed. The car was part of the Bill Harrah Collection for a number of years, changed hands a couple times after that, and now lives in Las Cruces, NM. My car was recently accepted into the Arizona Concours d’elegance, and I will proudly display it there in January. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be the proud owner of this car. Its serial number is 37269. I’m so happy to be part of this society!


    Congrats on the purchase of a gorgeous, mostly original Pierce Arrow.

    If it still has the original motor that has never been out of the car, enjoy driving it but be judicial with the miles since it is only a matter of time before it will need to be rebuilt.

    If pulling the motor and giving it a once over doesn’t bother you then drive it to your heart’s content.

    My ’29 is original except for the driver’s seat cover and although I love driving the car I want to keep it original as long as possible so I try to keep the miles to a minimum.

    Welcome to the PAS and enjoy your beautiful car.


    Just gorgeous. Congrats. I’m envious.


    Fantastic car, envious doesn’t even start the description! Great purchase….


    Congratulations Joseph and welcome to the Society. It’s nice to have a neighbor and s such a fine Pierce-Arrow so close to home.

    Joe Malone

    La Veta , Colorado


    New Mexico now has a nice group of Pierce Arrows ranging from 1915 to 1936 so perhaps it is time for a Southwest Region which would take in New Mexico and Arizona.There are several in Arizona.


    The idea of a NM-AZ Southwest Region was passed at a board meeting two years ago but at that time there were only 11 members total in the two states. Now with more cars coming in, the idea might be more feasible. We have lots of good places to tour around Tucson. Our 1922 Series 33 always likes to go out and play.


    What a great way to show a Pierce out stretching its legs!


    Another Southwest Pierce Arrow! A Model C-3 Five Passenger Touring Car that is now 100 years old having been built fall of 1914.


    Thank you to each of you for the kind comments! What a great group of people!


    I would take my Pierce up to Tucson….


    There are some very nice Pierce Arrows in Tucson and to get a region going would be nice and somehow meetings could be rotated.In the Southwest,we have to deal with distance.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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