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    Charlie Muscat, a new member in Australia, is restoring a right-hand drive 1929 Club Sedan. He tells me that he would like to find a replacement camshaft gear — the one that bolts on the front of the camshaft and carries the timing chain. Anyone have one available?



    The 1929 parts manual lists this as a sprocket under P/N 123685. The 1930 parts manual lists the sprocket as P/N 740120 indicating that only a 1929 will work. Is this correct?


    Paul —

    That is c correct. On the 1929 motor the generator is driven by the timing chain, which means the chain is a lot longer on the 1929 motor than on the 1930. The shorter chain used in 1930 is a different design from the 1929 one, and the corresponding sprockets are different.


    1930 used two diffrent cam drives, A & B used a short chain diffrent than 29 and C used gears only. 1929 has several diffrent upgrades to the motor and pump drive system. I am not sure if there are diffrent gears but I think the floating gear to adujust the chain changed over the course of 29. It would make sense to get photos of what you have and what you are buying to be sure they are correct. Also, check your oil pump casting to be sure the old pot metal pump has been replaced with a new one. Also be sure to check the gemmer box has had the pot metal bearing races replaced or steering failure could be a problem.


    Thanks, Ed, for your detailed information. I will ask Muscat to provide a photo of the part he wants.


    Happy New Year!! I cannot help Charlie M with any cam gear bits —BUT— want to take Ed’s advice re the oil pump. Mine is still the diecast stuff! I have just now perused the Parts & Services list & it appears that no one makes ’em anymore. Any suggestions? More power to Charlie’s arm as he has a BIG restoration ahead of him!! We two Aussies have to stick together!!!



    Jack, send me a direct email, I don’t have one but know where there is one on a shelf. Ed


    I checked with John Cislak today, he has a set of timing gears and chain for a 29. Give him a call or email.


    This is what a diecast oil pump body eventually will look like:

    Greg Long

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