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    Guys, I need to replace the coil in my 1931 Model 43. The trouble is, a previous owner epoxied the present ignition coil to the coil mounting “flange””. This is the round collar with 3 mounting holes that you put the coil into and bolt the collar to the firewall. I would really appreciate it if someone has a spare coil mounting flange they could sell to me. Thanks. Happy Motoring in the fall colors. Chris Diekman”

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    Original coils had the flange spotwelded to the coil body. Do you know the distance between the bolt holes? I may have something.



    Hi- my Model 43 is not spot welded, Bill. It has a split flange, with a stove bolt and nut on the back or “hidden’ side when it is bolted to firewall, that tightens it to the coil. I found one in my parts bin, now have to go look and see if the correct one is on my car. See ya at the chocolate factory in a couple weeks! best David Coco

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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