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    This is not too exciting but the fender splash pans need to be redone. Once the old ones were hit with the blaster they curled up.

    Here are the new ones. They did a great job. ;)


    DC phaeton





    Who made them for you and how difficult was it? Thanks for allowing

    us to be part of your restoration without sharing the tab with us.



    I echo Tony’s sentiments. I feel broke just watching, but I am thoroughly enjoying watching you spend your money. Thanks for sharing. I too, would like to know about the apron fabrication. Mine have suffered from serious tinworm attack.



    Tony & Bill

    I had my local sheet metal shop create a set from another set that were loaned to me (my Series 80 had none).

    If your splash pans are in acceptable shape (not falling apart totally), a local tin knocker / sheet metal shop should be able to reproduce them without the tin-worm holes.



    Hi all!

    I am so fortunate. My restoration guys brother happened to be a metal guy. He does it as a side gig. My guy called him after the aprons did not handle the blasting. His brother knocked them both out in a day. My guy just smiled and said he loves bending metal. I have not received my bill for them yet but will share it once it arrives. My guy said his brother knocks out projects in two hours that takes others eight. I will let you know. The detail in the shields is amazing.

    FYI: I live in a small town about an hour away from the big city. The restoration shop is about two miles from me. The mechanic is also about 10 minutes from me. He is a retired mechanic of 40 years. He loves this car

    The upholstery shop is only 20 minutes from me. He is sitting patiently for the car. He should have the car early summer of 2016.

    I am very fortunate. I would not be able to afford big name restoration shops. They all quoted $300-400,000 min. Bye the time I’m done, I expect to be in the car WITH the price of the car, under 200, maybe 190. :D. I will let people know so they shop around. People like me that barely can hold a wrench need to stick together.



    On the upholstery, I’d like to offer a piece of advice. Don’t use foam, either in the seats or in the top pads.

    Foam used to have some longevity to it, but since the government has outlawed certain chemicals in foam, it now has a very short life. Wholesale dealers sell foam in years of life, 8 years, 10 years, 12 years, and in modern cars and furniture it makes no difference, but it’s awful stuff to use in a Classic car.

    The foam top pads used on modern cars is not sufficient to properly hide arch of top bows, nor will it last.

    Hopefully your upholstery guy is old school like me, using only cotton, horsehair, leather, and so forth, the original materials.



    Thanks so much. I will inquire of the Upholstry guy on the above state issues. Thsnks once again to all the Puerce members that have corrected me along the way.

    I’m so excited that the car is going back together. If anyone thinks something is incorrect don’t hesitate to Tell me. My car will not be concourse but will be neighborhood show beautiful.


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