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    My wife and I have just purchased our first Pierce Arrow and joined the PAS. The car has been in storage for many years, and I will be slowly recommissioning it to drivable condition. I have been reading all the message board entries to learn as much as possible before diving into this project. I’m currently reading back to 2014, and I must say, you folks have put together a heck of a nice message board. We are members of several car clubs and your message board is among the best. Your generosity and willingness to help is admirable. I am especially interested in Mr. LeRoy’s restoration of his 1929 DCP. That car, by the way, was discovered in the Cleveland area only about six miles from my home. It’s surprising what can be hidden in your own neighborhood.

    The reason for my note is to request some help in the following areas. My body style is a Victoria coupe. According the the beautiful French color body catalog in the PAS website, in addition to the built in trunk, the car is shown with a folding luggage rack. My car has bolt holes for one on the rear panel, but I have no idea what it looks like or where I might find one. Any suggestions?

    Also, on the dash board to the right if the spark control assembly is a similar control that I’m assuming works the manifold heater. I am missing the whole assembly. All I have is a hole. Where in the world would one of these things lurk?

    Am also missing the side mount wheel hold downs that bolt to the chrome base on the fenders next to the well, both sides, as well as the decorative hood ornament cap over the radiator shell. Has anyone reproduced any of these items?

    I’m sure there will be other treasures needed to put this car back together again, but these are the most obvious. Any help you can offer a novice in locating these items would be appreciated.

    My grandfather always drove Pierce Arrows during the 1920’s and my uncle had a phaeton during the 1930’s and I am proud to carry on the family tradition. Thanks for your help.

    Tom Barrett


    Great car, welcome to the club. There are many people here who can help you with your car and give good advice on how to keep it running well. As for parts, club member John Cislak just purchased a 1930 Model B parts car last month. He is one of the well known people who make and sell reproduction parts, as well as selling used parts. Give him a call, he is listed in the on line roster. Enjoy your new Pierce! Hope to see you at a meet soon, Ed Minnie.


    Welcome aboard Tom & Joan!! From the photo you posted The car must have come from Down Under where my 1929 Club Brougham resides!! Cheers—-Jak.

    Ps. VERY nice car!!


    The coupe is not mounted on the ceiling. It somehow got inverted on the trip to the PAS site. Sorry.



    Here you go Tom.


    Welcome Tom & Joan,

    I trust that you will find the PAS a very warm and welcoming Society of Gents and Ladies.

    Enjoy your lovely motorcar and take your time in finding the bits that you need.

    It will come together soon enough.

    Peter Williams


    Tom & Joan,

    Welcome to PAS!

    Be sure to check out this web-site’s “Parts & Services” page for your car.

    You can search by year, by part description or by supplier, the level of detail is very thorough.

    As Ed Minnie stated above, PAS member John Cislak is a great source of reproduction & original parts. PAS member Dave Murray / Blonder-Murray also supplies reproduction parts including hub caps, archers and trim pieces.

    Good luck with your new Pierce!

    Stu Blair


    Again Welcome to the PAS Tom & Joan. A great mob they are!

    I could never gotten my 1929 Club Brougham serviceable from 10,000 miles away from The USA without their help!!Distance does NOT weary them!!!

    Enjoy the fuel consumption—-jak.


    Beautiful Car! Share photos when you can!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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