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    Hi everyone!

    As I said the engine was to be delivered two days ago. They called and PROMISED on Friday. Lololo. I saw the caller id and I knew. Newest delivery date is Monday. On their life. Lolol. Mmmmmmm? We will see. Lolo

    To tied you over til then I will post body panel pics. Each piece was striped to bare metal, acid coated and then straightened, primed blocked etc…. I think this is right. I write it as if I know exactly the process. Lolol. Sadly I know enough to be dangerous. But it’s fun to watch!!!!









    The trials and tribulations of a restoration are well known to everyone on this forum. It’s an interesting experience of project management, patience, accounting, patience, coordination of trades, and last but not least, patience.

    I have a friend that owed me a favor, he said he’d rebuild an engine for me, for free, I just had to pay for parts. It took seven (yes, 7) years for me to get the engine back completed. Whew, as they say, give me patience and I want it RIGHT NOW!


    Lolol. 7 years! Wow. I don’t feel so bad at 7 months. :)


    Progress looks great.

    Don’t forget, Monday is just a day of the week. Could be any week, in fact it could be any week, month or year. I think these restorers and some other people only have weekly calendars.

    Remember patience is a virtue.


    All you guys are awesome. God forgot to give me a healthy portion of patience. I just want to see it. It’s not like it’s ready to drive. Lololol


    Richard, I did my own restoration including rebuilding the V-12, it took ten years. But I enjoyed doing it and cant wait to do the next one. Hang in there. Doug Vogel

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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