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    Last week I took my 1933 1247 out of the garage and washed it. It started fine and ran well but after the wash would not start. I started checking and found no spark, plus a bad original coil. I replaced the coil with a new 6v Napa IC7 and two new condensers. There is now spark at the ends of the coil wires but not through the distributor. I found some monster in the distributor, most likely from the wash so put a fan on it for 5 hrs and wiped it out with a rag and still no spark at the plugs. Do you guys have any ideas what I should try next? Electrical is my weak point. Thanks Doug Vogel


    The old distributor bakelite could develop hairline cracks that never showed before, so try drying out the cap in the oven at 200 degress.



    There are wire drying sprays, which also proport to offer waterproofing. Might want to stick one in the tool kit after using Bill’s oven technique. My wife has become somewhat used to her oven and freezer becoming critical restoration tools.



    I agree on the cap and moisture issue. The best time to check the cap and wires is on a humid dark night, run the car and look for the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) anywhere there could be high voltage in the system. If you see a blue glow or sparking, you have found some or all of your problem.

    As you changed the condensers, one may be bad, causing the spark to shunt to ground somewhere other than the spark plugs. Also, check to see that all grounds (all connections for that matter) are clean and snug. The washing may have just been the tipping point for a latent issue with the spark system. Remember the KISS theory, try the simple stuff first.


    Go to an Onan Generator supplier and get their condensers. They are the most reliable.


    Thanks for your help. My 1247 only has 300 to 400 miles on it since I restored it, so almost everything is new. I will try your suggestions. Thanks Doug



    You m ay also want to check all the little fiber washers in the Dist that hold the condenser wire to the points. I had to chase that problem down once.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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