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    I don’t see too many Pierce-Arrow model 81 posted. I know they were only made 1 year (1928) BUT, how many were made? Does anyone know the 1st and last body numbers for the model 81? Thanks, DAVE STEPHENS


    Roughly 5000 S81’s made, roughly 5000 S80’s made each year: ’25,’26,’27.

    Greg Long


    Thanks Greg.



    All of this Information is taken from Bernie Weis’ tables.

    The estimated production runs of the Series 80 & Series 81 are as follows.

    Series 80, 1925 = 4,250 (existing today = 73)

    Series 80, 1926 = 7,345 (existing today = 126)

    Series 80, 1927 = 6,808 (existing today = 93)

    Series 80, Year Unknown = 3

    Series 80 Totals = 18,403 (existing today = 295)

    Series 81, 1928 = 4,700 (existing today = 94)

    Series 81, S/Ns Unknown (existing today = 7)

    Series 81 Totals = 4,700 (existing today = 101)

    Totals Series 80 & 81 existing today = 396

    The First Series 81 Body S/N is: 8101008.

    The Last Series 81 Body S/N is: 8111383.

    The First Series 81 Engine S/N is: 8101010.

    The Last Series 81 Engine S/N is: 8111350.

    I trust that this answers your questions.




    Thank you for the valuable information.



    Hi Peter,

    I am new to the PA society and have what I believe is a 1928 Fleet Arrow Wagon with a series 81 modified truck engine which I am in the infant stage of restoring. I started another message with some pictures on it for your reference but I noticed your information above so I thought I would chime in here to see what information you could find on my Truck? The is marked “L-9-19-27 and 110241”, and the motor “L-001-377”. The oil pan has the year 1928 stamped on it but I will have to get back to you on the rest of the information since I did not photo document that yet. Any information you could provide would be great. Thanks, Mike


    Oh yeah I forgot to mention the frame has a serial number “1001378””.”



    I have a spare engine for my Series 80 can you tell me about the Serial Number

    8012-794? Do you know what year it is from or the Car that matches the Serial Number?



    As I said in the other posting, there is no car listed, but the engine numbers on either side indicate it was a 1926 Series 80 engine.




    This is all I can find on P-A trucks with “1928”

    S/N range = 1001001 – 1001580, Model = FA, Tons = ¾ – 3, year =“1928″- number produced = 580?

    # Recorded = 5, #Existing = 4

    This is all very general, but that is all the information that seems to be available.



    Thanks Peter that is more than I could find.


    Dave –

    The production information you are looking for was detailed by the Pierce-Arrow factory on large poster-like sheets called recension tables, listing all cars and trucks built. It was updated regularly and said to be hung in the service area of a dealership for easy reference. All car and truck numbers are there with dates of the run of production. Little manufacturing quirks, like reworking several 1909s into 1911s, are there, too.

    Bernie reproduced a recension table in the Arrow some time ago – it sounds like that issue date may be lost otherwise, so you might contact him directly for the date. I have tables from 1919 and another 1927, the latter used in the Albany dealership. I made a copy for Arnold Romberg several years ago when he was assembling a production data base – he would have several together, and perhaps one includes the Series 81 data.

    I hope this helps. Hurricane Matthew has now past here so I am able to use the computer again, and can respond if you have any other questions.


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