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    Hi Bill, all of the bolts on my 1933 836 on rear fenders to body and also the front fenders to frame are 5/16 round with 18 threads per inch. Regards Richard.


    Hi Bill. Correction on front fender bolts. There are 8 bolts , 4 on each fender that bolts the main fender brace to the frame. These bolts are 3/8 round and 16 threads per inch. The rest of the fender mounting bolts are 5/16 by 18. I just pulled one out of my car to check the size. Thats on a 1933 836 club brougham. (If I remember right?) You have the 1933 836 sedan?. Richard.


    The door handle is on a splined shaft and has a threaded piece that attaches to the handle. Push the upholstery back against the spring (towards the outside of the door) and there are two flats opposite one another. Use a thin 9/16″ wrench and loosen the “bolt” from the threads within the handle. The handle can then be removed. There is no pin.

    The window surround has wood screws within the glass weatherstripping that must also be removed. By using a small screw driver, apply some pressure to the side weatherstripping to feel for the metal heads of the screws. These wood screws retain some metal braces from the metal window surround.


    Richard and David,

    Perfect, y’all saved me a lot of headaches. Thank you very much and happy new year.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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