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    I was putting the water jacket cover on and was trying to determine the spacing for the oil filter bracket studs.

    I had seen a couple configurations, one with the brackets side by side and one with a bolt spacing between them.

    I dug out the old one off my ’35 engine and based on the band spacing marks, it looks like they are next to each other.

    That makes them the 3rd and 4th bolt holes from the front.

    That spacing also allows the bracket straps to cover the joint on the housing (unit on the right) that allows you to use the throwaway modern filter.


    Question! I was able to find a replacement oil filter for my 1934 8 cylinder 840A . My uncle who last owned the car did the oil change and I can not remember how many quarts it takes. The book I have says 10 quarts if it is totally dry and 9 if your just refilling with out replacement of the filter?? HELP! Thanks. Kevin from Columbus Ohio!


    I’d put 8 quarts in, start and run for 5 minutes, give it 15 minutes to drain back, and note the level shown on dipstick.  You’ll need to add at least one quart.  Run again, let it rest.  Continue adding oil until you reach the FULL mark.  Now you’ll know what 8 and 9 quarts look like on the dipstick for all future oil changes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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