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    Hello! I live in Finland and i have Pierce Arrow 1928, 6-cylinders. I`m sorry, my english is not so good, but i hope, that somebody can help me. I try repair my car…its guite intresting.

    What kind of oil i can put and how much? Where i can check oil, i dont find the stick. Is here somewhere picture to engine?

    Sulo Koivuniemi from Finland

    http://[email protected]


    Welcome to the Pierce-Arrow Society!

    I suggest you download an owner’s manual for your car. That will include a picture of the engine and discuss adding and checking oil. Click on the “Library” link to the left, select 1928 for the year and either Series 81 or 36, depending on which car you have.

    The 1928 Pierce-Arrows do not have a dip-stick, they have try-cocks. You will find two small levers in the engine compartment (refer to the photo in the owner’s manual). One lever opens the drain at the bottom, the other lever opens the higher try-cock. Oil should flow out of the upper try-cock if there is enough oil.



    Greeting Sulo,

    I also welcome you to the Pierce-Arrow Society.

    In addition to Paul’s excellent and essential advice, I would advise you that the Series 80 holds approximately 9-quarts of oil.

    I typically use Diesel Grade multi-weight (10w – 40) oil in my Series 80 and I live in the North East USA.

    As Paul indicated, add oil (+/- 9-qiuarts) until the OPEN try-cock on the side of the oil pan weeps oil.

    Then, of course, close the try-cock and you are ready to motor.

    If the car has been sitting for years without being used, you may need to drop the oil pan and clean it out, but that is for another message board discussion.

    Best of luck,



    Paul and Peter Thank you very much good advices!

    I had exchanged oil. I think, i will need more advice later, its so intresting car and i want to learn more that.

    Have a nice day!


    http://[email protected]


    Hello Sulo,

    We are a helpful group of car guys, so feel free to send any questions for which you need answers.



    Unless you are very sure that all of the oil passages in the engine crankshaft are clean of any deposits of sludge, do not use a detergent oil. The oil which Peter recommends is a detergent oil. This type of oil can cause deposits of sludge to become dislodged and pug up the oil passages to the main bearings and connecting rod bearings. Using an SAE 30 non-detergent oil would be a safer choice.

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