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    OK, so this is really not a toot one’s own horn, I just haven’t seen this mentioned and Old Cars Weekly is not subscribed to by all.

    Every year they give Golden Quill awards to antique car publications.

    Not a huge deal, but at least it shows someone outside the Society reading the darn things!

    The Arrow won, Roger Sherman, Editor, I realize he’s not doing it now and there’s a new face in town, but kudos that it was recognized.

    The Great Arrow, PAF Museum Foundation, was also in the winners list.

    I take very little credit, Merlin for constantly inflating my ego, Liz for the fabulous work on layout.  I just have words in my holster, she has the whole armory.

    Just thought I’d point out their belief and great work are recognized….David Coco Winchester Va.



    Maybe the tag didn’t work, just search Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill 2020   … dc


    Very nice, and congratulations to those responsible.  We are fortunate to have a club so committed to our cars.  Thank you!


    Congrats to all involved, a lot of excellent work well appreciated!


    Congratulations to Roger, David and Liz; our excellent PAS / PAF publications deserve this well-earned National recognition.


    This  is to add my congratulations to Roger, David and Liz for this Golden Quill award. Producing quality publications is key to the future of PAS/PAF.


    Gents and Ladies,

    The Golden Quill Award was also presented to The Emporium, the editor of which is Rick Morrison.

    Congratulations, Rick, Roger and David for your editorial excellence.

    Thank you Elizabeth for your keeping everyone in line.



    Great work by our PAS and PAF Publishing teams!!  Congrats to all,

    Jane and Dave Barclay


    There are some over the top people doing their best to keep wheels on this organization and the Foundation. I wish them the best.

    Tony Costa

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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