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    Congratulations to the PAF Museum and Foundation! The April 11th Old Cars Weekly has an article on the PAF Museum newsletter. I would like to thank Merlin Smith, Dave Stevens, David Coco, and Liz Horne and anyone else involved for the many hours they spend putting out this publication. Liz’s new layout and color format makes this newsletter a keeper! Long time OCW writer and Pierce-Arrow owner Gerald Perschbacher has given the PAF a half page article highlighting the “Great Arrow News” museum newsletter. A big thank you to Gerald Perschbacher from all of us. Karl


    Picture copyright OCW, Karl


    Thanks Karl for posting.

    And congratulations to both David and Liz for this award recognizing both your effort and time spent to support our Pierce-Arrow museum.


    Thank you too! Mr PAF Treasurer….


    Most of the credit should go to Liz, she’s great to work with and does such a fabulous job of making the newsletter so visually appealing.

    There are thousands of words out there, I just try to gather the ones that are relevant and in the correct order.

    Glad to see the Museum is getting good exposure. I’m glad Merlin (who uses flattery as a battering ram) compelled me …uh…asked me to volunteer!

    thanks dc

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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