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    One of the Pierce options for several years was an Onyx shift knob. Does anyone have one of these for sale? I have seen them in the accessory brochure and thought they were quite cool. anyone??????

    Thanks, Rick


    Look what I found. This ordering list is kinda cool.


    They are a common if you look at Hershey. I see them on ebay often. I like the factory knob better. I see prices all over the place on them. They are collected just like lots of other garage items, I think the knobs bring more money from the collectors than the guys who put them on the car and use them. Ed


    I have seen several onyx knobs on ebay yet none quite have the shape as the ones in the brochure. Ill keep looking. My dark wood knob looks great if nothing else.


    I have had a cream and maroon large round knob on my’36 Convertible Sedan for probably 40 years. It is really pretty, and I like it. For all the time I had my ’31, I had a green and cream knob. I am at the time in my life, I don’t much care what anyone else thinks.


    Tony! Amen!!!!!


    I tend to like the basic black knob with the silver ring. Elegant yet understated.

    Then again, most owners didn’t care too much what the driver had to use to shift with. :)


    Is the black knob with the silver ring the OE knob? I like the looks of it and that’s what mine has.


    Yes, that is the official version used for many years. I liked a walnut one and replaced my original one with it, which I still have. I have seen some made of real gold colored amber, and one that was just clear glass. I doubt that any one cares, as it is really seen as a personal choice, much the same as picking out your own tie ( for those of you who still wear suits ).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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