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    We got three in the last deal and very fast shipping!


    If you are unfamiliar with how an AGM (Optima) battery is different from a regular flooded battery, there is an article in PASB 2019-2 that gives the pros and cons and specifications of both types of batteries, as well as general battery information.

    Some have already received PASB 2019-2, so if you haven’t, it should be in your mailbox in the next few days. It is also posted on the website under “Service Bulletins””.”


    Thank you Peter for renewing these arrangements again this year.

    Last night, I ordered 3 batteries and below is a link to use which will take you directly to Optima’s 6V on-line order form. Using this Optima link, you’ll by-pass their generic order form which is set-up for 12V batteries despite the fact you can search for Pierce-Arrow, Hupmobile, Graham Paige, Hudson Terraplane, that other horrid “P” car, etc. and the reply is “nothing found for this application.”

    The other item of note is Optima’s 6V part number is now 9010-044; I confirmed with Optima Jim this morning this is their only 6V battery. You’ll still need the Promotion Code obtained from Optima Jim as outlined in Peter’s ordering instructions on the Emporium page.

    Thanks again Peter!



    Stu, my wallet just took a hit…..the link provided is a nice shortcut.

    Thanks to you and Peter!


    My thanks to both of you too. I tried going thru their site and was unsuccessful.


    Here is the ordering process:

    OPTIMA Batteries has agreed to support our members and this website with a great deal on their 6-volt battery. The promotion is set to run from APRIL 15th through MAY 15th 2019, is not stackable with any other offer, is only good for 6-volt batteries with a maximum of three per purchase and limited to Pierce Arrow Society members only. From APRIL 15th through MAY 15th, members of the Pierce Arrow Society, who purchase a 6-volt REDTOP battery online at optimabatteries.com will receive special pricing of $125 per battery (normally $187.99) and free shipping right to their front door in the lower 48 states, by entering a unique coupon code when purchasing factory-direct at optimabatteries.com. Here is how the process works: 1) If you want the deal, send an e-mail requesting a unique one-time use coupon code to [email protected]. 2) You will receive a unique one-time-use code that will be valid until MAY 15 only. Codes will be invalid after Midnight on MAY 15. 3) Once you receive your code, go to the OPTIMA shopping site. http://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/redtop-starting-battery/6v 4) Add the 6-volt battery (up to 3) part # 6V (8010-044) and go to the checkout cart. 5) Here’s the important part: Enter your unique code that will calculate your discount on the Billing page of the check-out. 6) Finalize your order. 7) Wait for your “Factory Fresh” OPTIMA REDTOP 6 volt to arrive at your door (usually within 4 days of your order). This offer is limited to three batteries per household and will expire on MAY 15, 2019. This offer is only available on OPTIMA REDTOP 6-volt batteries purchased directly from optimabatteries.com

    Peter Williams, P O Box 1197, Newburyport, MA 01950-6197 H: 978/465-3366 O: 978/465-3366 http://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/redtop-starting-battery/6v


    I added your emporium directions so that everything is here, one message on the message board. No need to go back and for the from the emporium and back to the link supplied on this message.

    Just clicking on the link supplied by Stuart will do you no good until you have followed the directions from the Emporium message/ad, and obtain your discount code.

    One-message-link shopping.


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