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    Hi,i found out today that i may have the original owners manual.Pierce Operation & Care Manual.For a original 1935 Pierce. the frame nr 2590123.and engine nr 310456.is writen on the Cover.I bought it on ebay many years ago.I would like it to be where it should.(in Oregon).All the best JK.


    That is the owner’s manual for my 1935 Model 845.  I have sent you an email.


    What a coincidence, there must be a story here!


    Hi,i will send it to Oregon.wait untill you have your original.enclosed with the manual,there will be info about when i bought it.all the best from JK


    Jack:  It will be very nice to have the owner’s manual with the car.  I appreciate your thoughtful kindness very much





    Some years back, I took the original Operation and Care manual for my 1935 Model 845 to a copy center to have it reproduced.  The original manual has the serial number and engine number of my car written on the cover.  These numbers were removed  for the copies.  When I picked up the order, I didn’t notice that the original manual was missing.  Apparently,  someone at the copy shop took the original manual and listed it for sale on EBay.  Enter PAS member Jack Walker Karling and the message posted above from him.  I really appreciate Jack getting the manual back in my hands.  Incidentally, I purchased my Model 845 from the estate of the original owner at Eugene, Oregon in November of 1950.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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