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    1929 Pierce-Arrow RS Coupe Model 133

    June 1962 with my father,

    and how it looks today – sunny day in  Pennsylvania 11/2/23


    Nice to see a 60+ year family car!


    it’s actually been in our family since brand new. It was purchased by my father’s Uncle, then my father bought it from him sometime in 1950’s

    Thanks for looking




    It is a nice looking car.  I added the photos you posted onto the car’s PAS record. The record shows you father having it since October 1950. If you can post or e-mail me the info on your uncle’s ownership, I will add that to the record. It is very unusual to find a Pierce-Arrow that is still owned by the original family.  Thanks, Dave


    It was my father’s Uncle Domenic that bought our Pierce-Arrow new, not my Uncle. This has always been noted in my membership registration – same last name Ronco. They also owned a second Pierce-Arrow (sedan) which I believe to still be in the nearby town where I am from, unless it was sold.  Somewhere I have a notarized transfer of ownership paper from when my father bought it from his Uncle but I don’t have time to look for it at the moment.

    Many years ago I contacted immediate family members to ask if I could have any photos of the car from the 1930’s up but unfortunately there was a fire at the family homestead where the Pierce used to be kept, and I was told all lost. However, I plan on contacting a cousin who might be able to find some pictures. I would very much like to have some, as the earliest I could find was the one I posted and I have a couple more from around the same time era.

    **Check out pic of my Austin Roadster in the general forum — my family has owned that since 1946.


    Thanks for the information. PAS records also show a Nicolas Ronco. Is this your father?



    My father is Nicholas Ronco

    Original owner of my Pierce is Domenic Ronco (my father’s Uncle)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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