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    Ladies sand Gents,

    Today is the 78th Anniversary of the official end of the Pierce-Arrow Motorcar Company!

    Friday, 13 May 1938, a telling date.

    Ave atque vale!




    Thank you for the information. You have a wealth of information. Please keep




    I will enter the date in my e-calendar so I will get a reminder every year.

    A very significant date for our cars.


    Great Information, to remember. Thanks, Peter

    Although, after that date, a few more Pierce-Arrows were built and sold. The last one, I understand, was built in 1941. They used a 1934 chassis, V-12 engine, and a “left over” Brunn body. It was ordered and built for “The Marine Trust Company. Buffalo, New York.” Marine Bank was a long time backer

    and investor of Pierce-Arrow.



    Bob, does it still exist? Or rumor of existence? Or a victim of the war scrap drives?



    It may still be hidden away in some garage on the north side of the city. A friend, with his family, sitting on their porch–when this Pierce drove by; his mother would always say, “there goes the last Pierce-Arrow ever made.” According to him it was a “different” looking Pierce. He was going to get me a picture of it, but passed away. Some one, locally, should know more about this car, you would think? This happened in the early to mid fifties; so, if it lasted that long-there is a possibility it still exist. Maybe?




    If it was made for the Marine Midland Bank, then it was probably made for either Seymour Knox II or Northrup Knox, Sr., as they were, sequentially, Chairman of the Board of Marine Midland, as was Seymour Knox I, before they assumed the position.




    BTW, Bernie’s listing of P-A ownership lists a 1915, 38-C-3, Limousine owned by a S. H. Knox, of 1045 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo.

    S. H. Knox is Seymour H. Knox.

    He is listed as the sole owner, so I wonder if it remains in the family.

    The plot thickens!



    I “Google Earth”ed that address, hoping to find a nice old house with a carriage house around back filled with Pierce Arrows, but alas, appears to be a church/school on one side of the street and apartment buildings on the other. Guess that would have been too easy!


    Google maps is off many times as to the address. The correct house may be up or down the street. Last time I looked at our house on Google maps it showed the house next door. Don’t know if google earth is any better. It might be a good idea to look at the older houses in the area.


    Also check Bing. I built a house in 2008 on the Northern Neck of Virginia, and the satellite images for Google still show an open lot, Bing has been updated. The more dense areas are updated more often than the rural areas.



    That 1045 Delaware address is listed in Bernie’s files, but I see an address of 1035 Delaware for Seymour H. Knox I.

    Mr. Knox, I, had a few homes, including one at 57 Oakland Place, Buffalo, 800 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, Aiken, SC, the summer estate in East Aurora, NY, etc.

    The link below will take you to photos of the more palatial homes.

    Finally, a number of the great homes in Buffalo were either donated to various churches or torn down.



    I suggest taking another look at this. The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company ceased business in April 1935. It was replaced by the Pierce-Arrow Motor Corporation (the “Final Years” of the PAS history website does not spell the latter’s full name, adding to the confusion). That corporation was later sold by the bankruptcy court on Thursday, May 12, 1938. There was a succeeding entity, 1695 Elmwood Avenue Corporation, that took title to all Pierce-Arrow assets. I have used the May 13 date for 1695 but have since seen references that 1695 was not formed until that Saturday, May 14, with more activity that Monday – so someone may enjoy sorting out those final hours and days.




    I prefer the Friday, 13 May 1938 date as it has a definite pall of Forest Lawn to it.

    Those other dates lack the Drop Dead quality of a Friday the 13th.


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