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    I didn’t exactly modify the tooth angle, due to wear and possibly variations tooth to tooth of the original sector it wasn’t clear what the intended angle of the original was, so I erred on the side of keeping the pawl engaged without slipping out and disengaging. This may make it a bit harder to disengage, requiring more force pulling the handle back. I would try the new sector with original pawl first to see how it works since replacing the sector is a lot easier than replacing the pawl. I can modify the design if needed on a 2nd round.

    I have had problems with worn park brake ratchets disengaging. A worrisome experience on those wine tours where you end up parked on a steep hill right behind someone else’s prize jewel. I carry wheel chocks now.


    Just looked at my parts book for the 1930 model A,B, and C and it gives the same part number of 123037 as Herb has found fit the 1929 models, even though they had different transmissions, which implies these parts may also fit the 1930 cars as well.  I’ll bet there are several members cars that would benefit from the replacement of that part, as it’s unexpected release can be a real safety issue.  Still interested in buying one if they become available.  Thanks for your efforts on this project.

    Tom Barrett, Cleveland


    Here is a drawing/picture of the sector with some dimensions to check.

    Tom, if you remove your original sector at some point and scan it and send it might serve as another example to try and divine the tooth profile more accurately. I don’t think it is very critical but having one installed will tell the tale.

    sector dimensions





    Your new parts should fit 1929 all, and early 1930 Model C 3 speed transmissions. It will not fit 1930 3 speed’s with free wheeling as the e-brake handle and the arch of the ratchet are different. I checked and it looks like the mid 1930 4 speed arm and paw is the same if you have the ( herring bone tooth) transmission. This is what is in my 1930 Model B. The late 30 and 1931 4 speed transmission, may be the same but I do not have one to compare to my other 3 transmissions on the shelf. Then comes the early over drive in late 1930… It is no wonder Pierce went out of business using 5 transmissions in 3 years!



    If these parts are to be reproduced I would be interested in getting a spare set for my 1929 Series 133 Roadster.Any idea as to cost?

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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