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    Our club is blessed with a source for identifying where to obtain

    parts and services for our needy Pierces.Most clubs would kill to be

    as organized in this respect.The people that have given much for

    this effort should be recognized and thanked.

    While reading the message board,I’ve noticed that many members are

    not aware that it exists.

    I would recommend that members are reminded of, or introduced to

    this site by club publications that are received through the mail


    For those who flunked shop or have tools stick to their hands 6

    months out of the year,a more comprehensive list of services would

    be welcome.Those services that are experienced with P.A. and

    made a member happy would be helpful.I’m talking about machinists,

    metal-workers,chrome shops,restoration shops,engine rebuilders,wheel

    rebuilders,upholsterers,top bow makers,radio rebuilders,stainless

    refinishers,woodworkers,blacksmiths,auto-electric shops,spring-

    makers,foundries,places to rebuild steering boxes and linkage,

    storage facilities,lost titles,car reasearch(libraries) painters,


    I know that this would be of little help to people that have

    restored 9 cars,but beneficial to newcomers and others.

    It would also help to have a showing of facilities in the various

    regions our Club is most active in.



    I certainly agree with your comments.

    I would like to add another thought concerning our superb Parts and Services section, a thought that you have touched on. Could we somehow add or link customer feedback to this section?

    I have had two very unpleasant, expensive, and time consuming experiences with two suppliers listed in this section. This would not have happened had I known about other members’ experiences with these suppliers.

    Please, could we have a comment or rating system to go along with our Parts and Services section?


    I have owned Nostalgic Reflections Co. for 41 years and we make reproduction parts for antique vehicles. I have attached a picture of some of the Pierce Arrow parts we have made. We do cloisonne, stamping, acid etching, screen printing, water slide decals, radiator scripts, medallions, bike badges etc. Jerry Turner 509-226-3522 Nostalgic Reflections, P.O. Box 350, Veradale, Washington 99037

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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