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    Bob has a 1929 133 Club Brougham.



    Bob, take a photo with and without a ruler or measuring tape for size of the cracked lens, I’ll see if I have one.

    Post the photo here on the message board, someone may have one.

    The Door latch spring is available, I think George Teebay has a list of later car door latch springs that will fit.



    Robert, There were two type of lenses used in 29, McKeelight, and Twolight. Which does your car have? I may have some springs for your latch here, as I replaced two on my 33 PA and bought several extra, and now the car is gone so I don’t need them. Send me an email with a photo and I will let you know if the one I have is correct. Ed


    I have never seen this lens on a 1929 Pierce. Maybe you need two correct ones? Am I incorrect PAS members? I think I may have two TwoLite ‘flat’ lenses.


    It’s correct for ’29 because it matches the McKeelite headlight lenses. It looks strange in the photo because it is 90 degrees from its normal orientation with the light bars running vertically.

    The late ’29s came with flat Twolite lenses



    Here Is a photo of the lens on the car. The diameter measures 4-1/2 Inches, I measured It on the Inside of the rim. If possible I would like to replace with another glass lens.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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