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    Looking for complete set of hubcaps-will take one at a time….

    pair of hood handles (4″ on center)

    one interior door handle and a “top hat” for a horn.

    My “top hat” is resting out on rte 81 somewhere near Binghamton, should you happen to see it….

    [email protected]

    ps what size battery and brands recommended?


    Hi Ronald, a good place to start looking for those parts is under the “Parts & Service”” page available to members on this site. You will find vendor contact information for at least some of these items on that page and I’m certain fine reproduction hubcaps are a phone call away.



    Hi Ronald- if you run into a dead end on the hood handle, I could remove one of mine and have a replacement cast….let me know David Coco Winchester Va.


    Hi John, I did go there straight away, but didn’t see anyone making/selling 31 hubcaps-only 32 on.

    David, that is more then a kind gesture.Thank you! Hopefully I can just get a good close up photo and try and have Verdone’s or someone else cast a set in stainless.

    I would be very happy with “close”” as I want to drive and enjoy this car and am not interested in having it judged.”


    Ronald, I checked an old parts list from Blonder Murry and it does indicate 29-31 hubcaps restored with trade in and new. I would definitely be worth calling Dave Murray to check on his available stock.



    Dave Murray has most of the things you need and will need later.

    He accumulates orders for various parts and then makes a run of them. Hubcaps are one of his specialties. I have 5 of his – excellent. (1930)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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