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    Could bring to Hershey:   ’36 dash with glove box door, some gauges missing.  chrome cast Pierce Arrow license plate emblem, heavy, chromed, nice.  Lifter block w/ lifters, exhaust pipe heat shield, rebuilt EE3 carburetor (expensive), two late voltage cutout/regulators I bought from Eric Rosenau, new Pierce wall thermometers with my old ’31 on them, new ’36 horn button assembly redone by Bob Sands, (very expensive) rechromed late crank hole cover, with brass backing (painted), Atlas upright or horizontal filter, new, probably fits Pierce, 30’s thermostat CORE, used fuel pump, connecting rod, shifter knobs, one original, one green and white marble from my ’31 plus maybe some other small things.  Ask for other stuff, I have a lot of stuff.  Some Pierce Arrow models also heavy castings, and Brooklin pierces.


    Yesterday I found a purolator filter, with the modern filter conversion paraphanalia.  I am bringing that to Hershey also, these original filter cores have been extremely hard to find lately.




    I decided to bring one of the last reproduction late Pierce Archers that Irv Blonder had made.  They are brass, and not subject to the deterioration of pot metal.  It has never been on a car, and is perfect, with an authentic bow and arrow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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