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    As we were enlarging photos for a display at the Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum,I noticed in the far right hand side of this photo is a Pierce-Arrow.

    The Auto Salon differed from the auto SHOW in that it was for custom body-builders, such as Brunn & Willoughby etc.

    In the series of photos we are Lincolns, Hispano-Suiza, Rolls-Royce and other high end marques.

    I do not have any further info other than the show was held at the Hotel Commodore.


    This is a closeup of the overall photo. The P-A is behind the Lincolns on the far right, facing toward the back of the photo.

    I especially like to see photos from “back in the day””.”


    I’m very surprised to see a Custom Body Series 80 shown at the NY Salon. I would have expected a Series 33 Pierce.

    This body appears to be a club sedan? or maybe a Landaulete ??

    I think I can see a crease in the top material that indicates the back section may fold down??

    Greg Long


    Is that a “special”” radiator ornament?

    I’ve seen that windshield treatment on Lincolns.

    Very NEAT!



    I agree with Greg that it is surprising to see a Custom Body Series 80. The windshield is commonly known as a Brewster Windshield although several couch builders incorporated this style into their own coach design. Attached is an example of a Packard with the Brewster Windshield on a Holbrook Custom body (photo credit to Hemming’s).

    Also notice the Brunn & Co banner above the Series 80 on the wall. Just grasping at straws but that might indicate who built this Series 80.


    View looking northeast at salesroom for Pierce Arrow automobiles owned by Smith Motor Company. Location, 1404 East Douglas Avenue. Wichita Ka

    Would love to have that flag!






    I wonder if it would effect sales if somone made a super elegant showroom floor these days. They have all electronic gadgets, but most are cold and sterile looking.


    Terry: can you run the digital version of the image through some form of enhancing software, that might be able to improve the expanded/enlarged image?

    I think one version of PhotoShop I used to use had an option to improve a fuzzy image.. not that the result was always an improvement compared to the original, but often it did provide some clarity to an image.


    Greg Long



    Here is another look at the detail shot with , hopefully, more detail.

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