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    I’m a little bit late on this BUT I would like to know if someone to post/share hi-res photos or video of the meet ?

    I was actually going to ask if someone could have taken detailed photos of 1935 models and share them. Well, I’m late as usual. :)





    I just purchased a 1935 P.A. 845.I went to my 1st P.A. Society Meet to

    celebrate that fact.The meet was FANTASTIC.The generousity and fellowship

    extended to a green member is a real credit to the Society.The 35’s there

    were generally 12 cyls. or convertibles.I believe one came over a thousand miles to get there.I took some pictures but probably not detailed ones.Is there any detail you need that stands out?

    Tony Costa



    thanks for the replies. As I said before, I haven’t seen a Pierce-Arrow live ever. :) So any picture is more than welcome. I’ll really waiting to see the pictures of the meet :)

    Of c ourse, my own car’s interior is quite shot, so the interior pics would be very nice.



    I’ll start taking pictures of my interior as soon as possible.When they’re done,I’ll make contact with you here.

    Tony Costa


    Thanks a lot Tony!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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