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    Regarding the various discussions on uploading photos. High resolution large file size is of course a big problem. I have been using Powerpoint. You can paste or insert the high resolution picture into a blank powerpoint presentation and do a save-as as a JPEG instead of a Powerpoint presentation (.ppt or .pptx). For whatever reason on mine it saves the slide as a low resolution small file size JPEG suitable for uploading. Using powerpoint you can also add multiple pictures to a single slide image, add arrows and text, crop and resize the pictures. If you have MS Office (Word/Excel) you probably have Powerpoint.




    I tried it and it sizes a 4000×3000 photo to 960×720. Multiple photos pasted into one slide produces the same size. A good alternative to using a photo program. Great idea.


    Hello Jim and David, Thanks for sharing this nice idea with the rest of us. I had never thought to mix up Power Point for this purpose. I will try to give it a try. Up to now, the photo sharing has just been a mystery!



    It is great to share these kinds of tips, but that only gets to the small percentage of our membership that uses the website and message board frequently. I’m into the message board every day, but the vast majority of members are not.

    Ideally our website could handle this issue without having to jump through hoops. This complexity doesn’t serve many of our members who are technologically not sophisticated. Let’s hope the modernization being planned by our Board keeps this in mind. I will keep reminding them.



    “Vast majority” do not use the website.


    I wonder if it’s possible to do a simple statistical survey to asses how many ever look at the website?

    Possibly a check-box on the membership renewal —

    — Do you ever look at the PAS website? Yes or No.

    — If so: daily, weekly, monthly?

    and I’d also be curious,

    — If not, why? Too difficult? Limited computer access? Not interested?

    I also suspect that as time goes on, more and more people will access the website, for obvious reasons. So such a survey today will not be valid ten years from now. Probably five years from now.

    I will share that having what I’ve always thought was a great website is what drew me into the PAS and has kept me a member all these years. With some car clubs, you have next-to zero contact all year and no real way to communicate with other members except through individual e-mail or phone calls.

    — Luke


    Concerning photos, yes large size photos have problems here and on any website or sending as e-mail attachments.

    A very simple solution, either:

    1) Set your camera, iPhone or whatever to take lower resolution photos.

    2) If you use a Microsoft Windows platform, when you open a photograph, open it again (right click “Open With”) with Microsoft Office. Once there, under “Edit Pictures” you can “Compress” to document size. This reduces a Megabyte photo to Kilobyte size, which never seems to have a problem.

    You hardly ever really need Megabyte size photos anyway. Unless you want zoom in and count the hairs in Greg’s mustache.



    I simple “quick and dirty” calculation can be done by dividing the number of members visiting the site by the total number of members, both data are provided at the bottom of the Announcements page. About 7% visit daily, 14% visit months, and about 40% visit annually. These are no where near exact and there may be double counting on the visits, etc, etc. Even if one argues these numbers overestimate by 2-fold, it still gives a rough idea of the percentage of members who use the website.




    John Wozney, a member of the PAS Board of Directors did a survey and one of the items / questions on the survey asked about PAS Message Board use.

    I calculated that the number hovers between 10-percent and 15-percent use the WEBSITE more than 4-5 times per month.

    A huge majority NEVER visit the WEBSITE, and of course that also means that the NEVER visit the Message Board.

    Perhaps John will provide more accurate statistics, as I merely reviewed his survey results and estimated the 10 to 15-percent number.




    I have posted this before, but for those of you who are MAC users, you can EXPORT your photos in smaller sizes.

    Also, if that results in a photo that is too small in scale, you can use PREVIEW to do the same.




    Here is a photo that I reduced from 4.5mb to 169kb.

    It is a photo of Myron Edson Forbes, wife and friends.

    MEF was then president of the PAMCC and is the man who had P-A develop the Series 80 and Series 81 motorcars.

    The Series 80 was his “baby” and he is said to have only owned the Series 80/81 cars versus the larger Series 33 cars.

    The ownership information comes from his grandson, who also said that Mrs. MEF did not have a driver’s license and was only driven in those cars while MEF was the PAMCC president.



    Peter……I’ll buy the banner……how much ?



    The price of a New Pierce-Arrow!

    Actually, I don’t have the banner, just the photo, but I am considering a project of reproducing a few dozen of them and offering them for sale.

    What do you all think?



    Peter’s assement of 4-5 visits a month sounds right. Without viewing the data at the moment, about 50% of our membership have never accessed the PAS website, while about 70% of our members confirm they use a computer and access email ‘frequently’.


    So we should try to make it easier to use, provide education and advertise the benefits/reasons to go to the website.



    The banner is from my memorabilia collection, by the way. The letters and arrow are heavy felt, sewn to the pennant. I’d love to know the history of it but have no idea, have had it for a while.



    Thanks for reminding me of the origin of the Banner /Banner photo.

    I think it is GRAND.

    I do know that you collect all things Pierce-Arrow and I imagine that your collection would take days to review.

    Thank you for your contribution to preserving the Pierce-Arrow history.

    You are a maybe not so mini-Pierce-Arrow museum.



    Peter, it’s almost gotten out of hand. I now have hundreds of items relating to Pierce, from factory and dealer items to items from companies which promoted their use of Pierce Arrow equipment.

    And, just when I think I’ve seen it all, something “New” pops up. I’m a serious buyer, although that probably translates to “crazy”….. who out there knows where THIS banner was displayed, and when? This one I know!

    That said, there are others with great collections, and I’ve seen many items I dont have. You can’t kiss all the girls!


    David: The banner above was used on the Henry Austin Clark 1916 Pierce-Arrow Speedster that Austy took to Britain in the 1950’s.


    That’s it! I also posted the picture as a test, had no trouble posting, I don’t know size of pictures but I don’t recall having any trouble posting pictures. Would be nice as mentioned to be able to post more than one picture per post….

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