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    Does anyone know about the history of the pocket watches branded with the pierce arrow logo? Were they issued at the executive, factory, manufacturing, or dealer level? I have an Elgin National Watch which dates back to 1937 with the red oval Pierce 8 logo. Did Waltham brand any pocket watches for Pierce Arrow? Just another part of Pierce Arrows history I am curious about. Dave Genteman


    I had one of those, was told it was a paste on by a guy selling them in the’60’s.


    Yes, Tony is correct.


    Right. I had one in the 60’s also.


    Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.


    Yes, when looking at watches or pocket watches for Pierce, it’s tough, as there are so many reproductions. The same caveat goes for pocket watch fobs, as there were repops of those also. If it doesn’t quite look original, it’s probably not. Even those that look right might be suspect. I’ve always regreted selling the one PA fob that I found, complete with silk ribbon, and it was correct and never used..oh well, we all have those regrets…best David C.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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