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    Hello, I need to locate the fellow that has listed new reproduction serial number/data tags on ebay from time to time. Can anyone refer me to him? They were for the later P-A’s.

    Thanks, Alan Dewsnup


    Hello! I am not familiar with the eBay individual, but I have an acquaintance that highly recommends a fellow out of Grand Junction, Colorado. His name is A. G. Backeast; phone is (860) 877-4440; website is http://www.datatags.com. Hopefully he’ll be able to help!


    Molly Tindle



    I believe the Southern California Region makes the ID plates. I have made them in the past and have negatives to make them again but have been involved in so many other projects I have not made any up in a couple of years. I can make another run if there is enough interest. Also Rick Bloomquiest in LaCrosse, Wisconsen is the guy that advertizes them on Ebay. He is in the roster.

    Dave Murray


    The serial plates (as well as Delco and Owen-Dyneto generator nameplates, Purolator oil filter decals, Pines (Sylphon) thermostat nameplate, and P-A metal service tag) are made by the Southern California Region of the Classic Car Club of America. They are very reasonable and great quality. Contact Larry Symons, 818-704-9434 (Fax 818-887-1602) or email [email protected] for an illustrated list or orders.

    Bob Jacobsen


    I have owned Nostalgic Reflections Co. for 41 years and we make reproduction parts for antique vehicles. I have attached a picture of some of the Pierce Arrow parts we have made. We do cloisonne, stamping, acid etching, screen printing, water slide decals, radiator scripts, medallions, bike badges etc. Jerry Turner 509-226-3522 Nostalgic Reflections, P.O. Box 350, Veradale, Washington 99037



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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