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    I was walking down the RCH aisle toward the Pierce tent, with my back to Airport Rd. I looked up and saw the large Pierce-Arrow banner and was truly touched. From what our presence at Hershey use to be, to this magnificent display is a very touching experience. David Stevens can be given the most credit for putting together the tent, and all the things inside relative to the club, and the museum. Johnny Ciselak and Ed Minnie with their wealth of mechanical knowledge, and parts to help the needy, need to be complimented also. I can look back 40 years when the Pierce area was a loosely put together group of guys: many of them, not making a particularly good impression. I praise the progress this club has made over the years, in many areas. I recall with great sorrow, those people who are no longer along that row, who have passed: Freddy Tycher, Howard Ehmann, Bob Lyons, and now Leo: who would come sit with Bob Sands and I, and visit every year. Raise a glass to all those who are gone, and please encourage the new younger members to follow in their footsteps.


    Here! Here! Tony very well said on all accounts. The PAS’s presence at Hershey has become more professional and focussed over the years with the unfailing hard work and dedication of those you mention. Dave Stevens should be recognized for his huge efforts over the years to continually refresh the booth with products and Pierce-Arrow enthusiasm and expertise for the betterment of all things Pierce-Arrow. Sorry it rained on the party.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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