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    I have reservations and had planned to go to the Gathering, and in the process pick up the ice box that Stu Blair so graciously acquired for me. However, a personal problem has come up that prevents me from attending.

    I know it’s big favors I’m asking, but anyone going to the Gathering from the Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania area, within driving distance of Winchester Va., who might be able to get it from Stu and at least get it in my general vicinity so I can pick up?

    The ice box is 40 inches tall, 29 inches wide, 19 inches deep.

    Thanks David Coco Winchester Va. [email protected] 540-5332885

    Merlin Smith, I’ll miss seeing you, and all my PAS friends…..


    Sorry I can’t attend. If no one is headed in his direction, they can drop it off at my office on Rt 90 Mass Turnpike in Ludlow Mass. My office is 800 feet of the ramp. I can take it down to David soon. My best to all, Ed


    Thanks, Ed, as always…….


    I could pick it up from Stu, and bring it to Hershey in six weeks or so.

    Greg Long

    But it might have to reside in my showroom for a year.. hmm, it would look nice over there,, or there.. “-)



    That would work! Thanks, Greg! I’ll email Stu now, appreciate all the help….dc


    David / Greg,

    The ice box is now loaded in Clara’s car for the trip north to Michigan tomorrow.

    It will have quite a few miles logged by the time it arrives in Virginia this October.


    Stu, are you bringing the fine 1601? Looking forward to seeing my friends…too



    Thanks so much, Stu….without your help I couldn’t have acquired the box, and thanks to Greg for transportation offer…I’ve been looking for one for a while, so a little delay is no problem! thanks dc


    David, you’re welcome.

    The old ice box started its journey from Buffalo to Indiana, a hundred some-odd years later it moved to Ohio for 2 months, now a visit to Michigan, next is Hershey, Penna then on to Virginia. It’s certainly well-traveled!



    Just wish it got frequent flier miles! I just hope it doesn’t get epoxied to Greg’s garage floor!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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