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    Hi all.

    On my way to Hershey. Stopped at antique shop. I thought you all would like to see what I found. Too pricey but very cool.


    Where is the shop?


    I’ve contacted the antique mall where this wagon is located, the dealer is supposed to call me, if I can’t get a substantial reduction and make a deal will let you know the details….


    She’s hesitant to ship, we have a tentative deal based on her figuring that out, yes, easy to bring to a UPS store and have them box and ship, told her so, but she’s still on the fence about it. Will let you know if it works out, thanks Richard for lead!!


    I really wanted this, but packing and shipping by UPS (over $350) to me is prohibitive.

    The wagon is in the Brass Armadillo antique mall, Des Moines, Iowa. Vendor will not ship, the closest UPS store will pick up for $25 and ship but, as mentioned, too much for me since so far away.

    Can’t think of any other way to get it, oh well…

    Thanks, Richard, for lead…hope a Pierce collector ends up with it…


    Well, story’s not over, a generous Society member may be able to pick up and transport this wagon for me, dibs for now!!!


    Well, for both of you who may be interested at this point (I say, tongue in cheek!), a very gracious PAS member has picked this up for me and it will be back in Virginia before too awful long…I did him a small favor and he’s doing me a big one…no, I didn’t pay asking price, yes, I probably overpaid, but I’ve been looking for one of these for years to add to my memorabilia collection, of things made with the Pierce name, even though not necessarily associated with the PAMCC. I can replace the money, but can’t replace this artifact…let’s see, I now have a wagon, a wooden pedal car, a vacuum cleaner…all with the Pierce Arrow name! Always looking for interesting PA memorabilia if available. Best to all David Coco Winchester Va.



    Congrats on your purchase. The pierce Arrow toys are allways awesome.




    Thanks again for the lead! That’s a great looking pedal car….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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