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    Wondering if there is any interest in repaired inner water jackets for Pierce Straight-8s? If yours is original and hasn’t been addressed at a shop, it may look like the photo below…

    I’m in the process of getting mine fabricated (for a Model B) and wanted to offer the possibility to others in PAS. Just want to get a sense of the possible numbers to see if a production run is worthwhile at this point, for product labor/pricing. Thanks for chiming-in…


    Make it in brass, and it won’t rust again.


    Brass would be a better choice. I think Cislak made a run of those in past for 8s, or was it you (or both)?


    Hi Carl

    I know this is old but am just seeing it and am in need of one now. How did you come out ? do you have one or more for sale?


    Hi, Jim:

    Sorry I don’t have any of those inner water boxes for sale, but I can suggest the Service Bulletin Library article by Arnold Romberg (PASB 2012-2). He covers the measurements and the overall form and process.


    As you can see in my first post, the water box on this Pierce was a mess after an abrasive blast that a classic car shop addressed. The gentleman there did me a kindness by fabricating the inner box, but in the process of welding it, warped the outer cover. Thankfully, a PAS member answered my call for a used outer cover, and I drilled out and transferred the recently fabricated water box from the “old” to that “new” cover.

    I spot-welded the inner water box this time to avoid excess heat/warpage, and used automotive seam-sealer to fill some minor voids. POR-15 seems to work well after sanding and degreasing, and then some Rustoleum paint for the outer cover. The original water jacket was chromed on this Model B, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I had to resort to paint instead of the proper chroming process.

    Here’s the Rustoleum Bright Coat Chrome that you see in the photo and some stainless hardware with the bolt markings, so no show points, here. (I hope the rocks that anyone might sling aren’t too big : )


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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