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    I’ve been told the carbs on the Pierce trucks used during WWI and maybe up to the mid-1920’s may work on my 1909 Model 24 Pierce. I would dearly love to find a Model 24 carb. but until I do, does anyone know if these truck carbs could work, does anyone have a photo of one ? Does, anyone have one I could try on my car for a fit ? Any advice, suggestions is very appreciated. I will guarantee Sainthood for anyone who can supply me with a model 24 carb to fit my 1909 Pierce….Thanks,


    Richard, call Rand Bradstreet in Ohio. The best carb guy in the world for off the wall stuff. He is listed in the CCCA directory. I may know a guy who may have one but he would want HUGE money for it. Ed


    Ed, I’ll call Rand. I would appreciate it if you would check with the fellow you think may have one…..and lets see if he actually wants huge $ or might even consider a trade ?? Worth looking into….

    Thanks, Rich


    Ed……Rand is not in the PAS directory and I don’t have a CCCA directory….could you look him up for me ?



    Rand Broadstreet

    P.O. Box 88

    Northfield, OH. 44067

    (440) 786-8141

    [email protected]


    Thanks Steve……I’ll let you know what I find from Rand. Any other leads are greatly appreciated……



    Ed, could you check with your fellow who might have something ?

    If he wants HUGE bucks….as least I’ll know that there is something out there…Thanks,


    I will check with him later today.


    I emailed Rand and he said he has nothing that early right now….good lead, but a dead end. Any other ideas out there….??




    Ed…..any luck checking with your friend ?

    Thanks, Rich


    He wasn’t home, I should see him next week at the PAS meet, don’t forgrt to ask me when I am home.


    Thanks Ed……I hope we can cast a wide enough net to all the members in hopes of finding this truck carb. Two members have told me it is a rather simple machining job to convert the truck carb. for use on a car…..

    Everyone…keep looking…and thanks for the help.



    Ed……if you are home from the PAS meet….I hope you had a great time.

    You wanted me to remind you about the truck carb. I hope you had a chance to check with your friend at the meet and see what he had…..let me know what you find out….

    Many thanks, Rich


    Hi Rich, yes I spoke to himm and he doesn’t have a spare carb. The one I saw on his shelf was for a project Pierce car I didn’t know he had. This may sound like a crazy lead, but there are still lots of PA WW1 trucks in england, and there is an active military web site with ww1 truck guys who are very helpfull with parts on the early trucks, maybe you should try them. I don’t remember the web site name, but if you google it you will find it. If you can’t locate it let me know. Good luck, Ed


    Rich, have you approached Pat Craig?


    Tony…….I talked with Richard – Pat’s man in his shop who works on his cars about 5 years ago and was told it would be nearly impossible to find a carb for my car. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check in with them again.



Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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