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    Would a 6 volt gas gauge work in a positive ground Pierce ? Thanks Doug


    It makes no difference as it only measures resistance and has no power going to it. Ed


    Thanks Ed, Thats just what I needed to know. Doug


    I recently fitted an after market fuel gauge & sender kit, marked as 12 volt, I assumed it was just the illimination that was 12volt, I have this on the car & working, but before fitting I had the sender wired up to gauge on the bench, when sender was 1/2 way on 12 volt 1/2 tank indicated, but with 6 volt it was down to a 1/4, also it is polarity sensitive, so my kit must contain a 12 volt device , Zener or similar diode, I tried various resistances to try & balance but gave up, at the moment I have a small bell battery just feeding the gauge until I get time to re calibrate the kit. at least at the moment I have an accurate means of knowing my gas level,


    On my 33 1247, only the King Sealy gauge was the only item that did not work on the car. I never bothered with it. I drive my cars quite a bit, and I still use the full tank and odometer method of gas status. On my 36 PA we used a ford sender from the mid 30’s in order to make the sender easily replaceable. In the last 20 years, I have gone through 3 of them. Fortunately they are easy to change, and ford parts are not expensive, and by some strange reason when they failed, they all read full instead of empty as they should have. It was always a long way to the gas station. Now I just keep a full tank and top off every 150 miles. I know several members who rig the King Sealy to read 1/2 tank as they can judge the car without any problems, also one member put a WD 40 tube inside the glass gauge, cut to length, he also never needs to worry about gauge failure!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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