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    We made great progress on the restoration of the 1909 Model 24 this winter. As you can see in the photos, its now all assembled, well fitted and ready for paint and upholstery.

    I’m still in need of the original carb. or can use a WW I 4 cyl truck carb if anyone knows of one….



    Richard, thanks for the update on that fantastic car. I don’t think a pic made it on the post-would love to see it!

    Thanks again-John


    John…..something about my computer… doesn’t upload photos to this web site. Anyone out there who can do it ? I’ll email them to you and you can list them on the site




    Regarding uploading pics, are you following Paul’s rules shown at the bottom of this page, particularly with the filename (not file name)?

    Just curious.

    Perhaps, you need to contact the Webmaster, Paul Morris, on this matter.

    Happy uploading.



    We volunteered to try and post the photos.

    Photo #1


    Photo #2


    Photo #3. Last one.


    Pretty car!




    WOW. The raw aluminum and brass really look impressive. It is almost a shame to paint the aluminum


    Thanks Mike for uploading the photos. I’ll keep trying to figure this system out…..but so far have not had any luck. Would rather spend time finishing my car…..Is there a future national meet planned for somewhere out west ?

    I could use something like that to aim for as a goal to get this car finished and on the road.


    There is consideration of an annual meet in the Arizona or Southern California area in 2017.


    Realistically, getting it painted, pinstripped, upholstered, reassembled, and on the road – detailed for all the parts work and it runs out smoothly means I am looking at Spring 2016…..plenty of time to drive it to Southern Calif.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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