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    I just completed the restoration of the Philco radio and would appreciate input/advice on the best way to run the antenna. I have been told that the antenna wire runs either under a running board or in the middle of the headliner. (I prefer to leave the headliner intact). Many thanks.


    Marc, Your car is truly beautiful! As I told you once before it is my favorite style. The antenna usually was connected to the chicken wire placed under the roof fabric, and the factory installed a shielded cable down the corner post next to the windshield in anticapation of the owner installing a radio in the future. The chicken wire must not touch the steel body of the car at any point. More modern cars ran 3 or 4 insulated strips under one or both running boards, and a shielded wire up trough the floor behind the dash. Both work almost equally well. Mine is a 1930 model and had the factory installed roof antenna. LeBaron may have had their own method however since they built the major portion of the body.


    Marc: The Gold Coast Region of the CCCA fabricated under the running board antenna brackets some years ago. The last I knew, (last fall) several bracket sets were still available. The tubing for these brackets is a simple sort of thing to fabricate. Please call Ron Wertz, (in the CCCA directory) who winters in the Lauderdale area, and whose summer home is in Youngstown, Ohio. Tony


    Marc, I suspect that your runningboard antenna would be similar to the one on my 1703. It consists of metal straps suspended between the runningboard brackets, insulated with rubber and attached with tensioning springs. I had the insulators reproduced and have some spares. If you’re interested, I could send along some photos of my original antenna.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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