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    I own a 1936 Pierce-Arrow 1601 sedan.  It was restored about 40 years ago by Robert Perler in the Pacific Northwest.  It remains in excellent condition.   I’m in the process of re-installing the car’s original radio.  I don’t see an antenna on either running board.  I’m wondering 1) if it has a roof antenna, or 2) if the antenna was removed from running board or the roof when the car was restored.

    How can I determine if the original roof antenna might still be there?  Would it be along the “A” pillar?  If, so, driver or passenger side?  If no antenna exists, what do you suggest for an antenna?

    Many years ago I owned a 1937 Lincoln Willoughby Sport Sedan (145-inch wheelbase) and installed a whip antenna behind the right side-mounted spare  That’s not possible on the 1601 sedan.  Thanks, in advance for any information.


    David, check with some old timer from the CCCA.  Somebody was making those twenty or so years ago, I bought one and never used it, probably sold it at Hershey.  Someone should remember who made them, or advertise CCCA bulletin to see if any are left kicking around



    My 1703 had both the runningboard and roof antenna installed, bur my radio only had one antenna connection (roof). Some radios were set up for both. I fabricated new runningboard antennas before I knew that. If you would like fabrication details let me know via e-mail.

    The roof antenna is simply a wire soldered to the roof “chicken wire”. The chicken wire is mounted to the wood structure only and does not touch the body metal. Mine ran down the driver’s side windshield post.



    Thank you for this information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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