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    There is an 836A on ebay. I have no connection. I kind of like the uncluttered lines without the sidemounts and the hood vents


    Radioactive 836A?

    Closer inspection of the eBay listing shows the 836A is located in Almagordo, NM. Perhaps Robert Oppenheimer drove this car to the Trinity Site to push the button….


    Good catch. It is in Alamogordo the site of the first atomic explosion, known as Trinity in 1945.

    Here is Bobby with his buddy Al.


    Supposedly this is his car.


    This car looks like the one that was featured in a Car Classics article ca 1968. The 836 is a very beautiful design and it added fuel to my love of Classics with a capital C. I think I still have the article stashed somewhere.


    Always liked the 836A too, in fact it and a recent viewing of the ’33 Bonneville Salt Flats run inspired me to work up a design that mates the 175 HP V12 to a special aero coupe body for a sort of a super car of the day. Uses the 836A’s body surfacing below the beltline molding, with hoodline lowered 1.5 inches to match the ’33 836’s height, and window sills lowered by same plus an additional inch. Roof crown is also lowered 1.5 inches and envisioned as all-steel. Seats and steering wheel come down an inch or so too. Running boards are removed. Pontoon front fenders, rear skirts on modified stock fenders, 836A-style grill, chrome V-windscreen and a stylish gold-plated arrow replacing the archer complete the look. I call it the Golden Arrow, not to be confused with the same name for whatever the leaders of the day had in mind for their own follow-on to the Silver Arrow. I tinted the image color to make the paint look richer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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