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    Desperately seeking rebuilding and setting instructions on U4 Stromberg carburetor. I need to be walked through on this carburetor, I have two to build from and I have absolutely no information except the parts pictures. Is there a Service Sheet out there anywhere on how to set this up. I have successfully completed the 4-speed Clark transmission on this car and the car is ready to enjoy except carbureation. Please help and thanks in advance.



    The Carburetor Shop offers a kit for a U4.I have had no dealings

    with this outfit.573 392 7378.Open 9-4 Mon.-Wed.,Central time.

    I bet the Pierce-Arrow Society Service Bulletin past issues could

    help.Another member will have to turn you on to the proper issue and

    tell you how to access them.

    If that falls through,general repair manuals like Dykes,etc. often

    have carb details.The Horseless Carriage Foundation,Inc.library may

    help(619-464-0301).The Harrah Collection library(775-333-9300).The

    AACA has a library.

    Tony Costa


    Call PAS member John Cislak. He makes 50 parts for the Stromberg UU2, UUR2, and EX32 & EE3 carbs. There is no factory Stromberg sheet for set up. You should probably also set it up for the 10 or 15 alcohol fuel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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