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    I find in my misc items file a sample of Remflex gasket material, which is about 1/8 thick, said to be made of graphite, and crushable. More info on the Internet at Has anyone used this material (on a Pierce-Arrow?) ?

    Comments? Thanks.


    HI Arnold,

    I just Googled REMFLEX and the third listing was about AVOID USING REMFLEX!

    Not a ringing endorsement, eh?



    I was told that this was the NEW super-duper gasket material so I had a local gasket maker make a head gasket for my 37 DeSoto. After installation the car made 2 1/2 blocks. Now I’m driving the car around with an Olson head gasket on it.



    Merlin…. what is a 1937 DeSoto????? Some kind of swamp tractor or saw mill rig? Ed :-)


    The the manufacturer’s specified use for Remflex is for manifold and header gaskets.


    Paul…I put a Remflex gasket between the exhaust manifold and tailpipe on my 36 Pierce just before the CCCA Oil Belt Region Spring Tour. It made it from Monroe to Ft. Smith (300+ miles) and then about one-third of the tour. On the noisy ride home, Jane was certain the exhaust leak was at the floorboard directly under her feet! A brass patch to an exhaust manifold crack failed also, which I’m sure added to the heat on Jane’s side of the firewall.

    Ed….That was the manifold replacement from John that you brought to Kalamazoo for me….And Oh..a 1937 DeSoto is like a 12 Cadillac only BIGGER…FASTER….PRETTIER!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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