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    The engine is being assembled as we speak. Hopefully back in the mechanics hands next week. The wording harness is being installed. The radiator is being painted and on its way to the mechanic. Here are some recent picks. I’m sure the pics will get much more exciting soon.










    Thank you again Rick for the progress photos. Very informative for those of us on the other side of the world! Especially how the wiring goes. Our car has none of the original fittings etc. remaining. Very enlightening!

    As we say in Aussie—Bonzer!!—-Jak.


    Thank you Richard for the many nice picks you let us take part in. It make good memories for me back to the time when I restorded my Pierce from 1930.


    Hi Everyone,

    More chrome just came back to the shop. It was the bumper and assorted parts. I was impressed, the bumpers are perfect on BOTH sides. I assumed the back side might be a little rough. The chromer indicated that they stick out far enough that he will not have his work show any less than perfect on both side for people to see. :) I like this guy! He is a funny man that lives out in nowhere. He is currently working ona duesenburg and my pierce. He selects only a few cars every couple of years to do. Here is the funny part. he wants to sell his chroming shop and raise exoctic lizards. lolo Wow! How far apart is that?????

    The engine is still being assembled. Patience is not my best quality. That infamous statement, “about two weeks “. I think I have heard those words hundreds of times in the past year. :) Oh well, the car is on its way back. It should be loads of fun to see shiny things being put together, rather than rust, old paint and dirt being taken apart.

    I will be gone for the next two weeks so no updates. I am going to see the mechanic tomorrow. I will see if there is anything new or worthwile taking pics of. If yes, I will post them before I leave.

    Things that are yet to return home: Chrome wheels and lock rings, custom luggage and all the accesories i found thanks to all you guys. (I love the pierce vacum), Reskinned trunk, more chrome, (this is a never ending proposition), and new tires. I think that is it. Im sure the odds and ends will kill me at the end.

    More to come. Have a great week everyone!!



    Thanks for the update.

    Many times, I’ve found that people doing work for you (whether it be in industry, home repair, or in this case car restoration) tell you what they think you want to hear, NOT the truth…..thus “sure, it’ll just be about two weeks” when they know there’s no way….but they’re trying to make you, the customer, happy, and they end up doing just the opposite…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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