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    Since my PA tail lights are reversed, I don’t see how this could happen without changing all the wiring in the tail light assembly and reversing the lenses. And why would someone want to do this UNLESS it was done at the factory by mistake.



    I believe that the STOP light is on the inside most position and the RUNNING light is in the middle.

    The REVERSE light (clear) is on the outside.

    I attach a photo for review and note that this photo shows a Right-Side assembly, but the lens position is the same location, Inside to Outside.

    If the lenses are in the wrong position, then you need to switch them.

    Then you just need to remove the plug that goes into the back of the assembly and remove and reinstall the wires in the correct position.

    The REVERSE light is ALWAYS HOT, so if you leave the car in reverse with the battery connected, you will soon have a dead battery.

    You should get a 6V lantern battery at a hardware store along with two alligator clamp cords to check that everything is in the correct position.

    This will keep you from shorting out the starting battery.

    The 6V lamp battery will last you for many years and it is a great thing to have to check your electrical connections.

    Just remember that your car is a POSITIVE GROUND.

    The entire process of removing, moving and replacing those lenses and connections should take about 1-hour MAX.

    Finally, remember that your car is 88-years-old and although you may think it is original, it had 88-years for someone to alter things.

    On my 1925 Series 80, someone had switched the connections on the dash light switch and it took me a lot of thinking and a few hours to finally get them to switch on in the correct sequence.

    When in doubt, study the Pierce-Arrow Wiring Diagram book that is available through this website, probably under Publications.




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    Paul and Peter are correct with the lenses. I had the same question when I got my car.


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