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    Does anyone know the preload & pinion depth measurements.


    Hi Gary,

    The old Engineering Service Data sheets for 1931 Model 41 lists:

    Ring and Pinion backlash at .002″ to .003″.

    No Differential bearing side play.

    Pinion Depth Distance: 4.08 Ratio 3.75″, 4.23 Ratio 3.687″, 4.42 Ratio 3.687″

    Pinion Shaft Bearing end play: NONE

    If you don’t know the rear axle ratio, it was often shown on a metal tag under one of the bolts on the differential housing.

    Happy Motoring,



    Hi Gary & Hi Chris. A quick thought. The 1930’s service info does not mention any “preload”” to the bearings just “”end play NONE””

    This can be fairly subjective when doing it today by us “”amateurs””. All you need is a film of oil on assembly and “”no endplay”” in Timkin taper roller bearings when hot & under load becomes QUITE A BIT OF PLAY. Hence the numerous complaints when our rear axles are reassembled & make conversation inside the car difficult!!. The specs virtually ever since the 1950’s specify a certain preload. My old 1948 Jaguar rear axle housing needed a special tool to stretch the banjo opening to overcome the preload & allow the removal of the crownwheel! The pinion bearings had to be tightened to a certain torque wrench setting. So giving the crownwheel or the pinion a quick shake with our hands seems a receipe for disappointment. Just my few bucks worth. It would be interesting to hear from people who rebuild modern rearends for a living. Happy crownwheeling & pinioning! Jak”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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